Types of Short Term Office

Back then, long leases were the only standard in the property industry. But, now, there is an ease to find short term office space rental opportunities. These short term offices meet the short term as well as long term demands of variety of professionals.  Short term offices are great solution for start-up business and business that want to try a small office before committing to larger one.  There are two types of short term offices, one is Shared short term office and another is Serviced short term office.

Serviced Short Term Offices

Serviced offices provide flexible, cost-effective, plug-and-play rented spaces that allow you to move into your office and start working immediately. There are many serviced office agencies in UK that help SMEs and startup companies across the UK to benefit from flexible contracts that serviced offices can provide. This can be real bonus given the initial uncertainties that surround workspace requirements.  Apart from these benefits, it allows small workforces to react quicker to market changes, quick access for overflow expansion, flexible project teams, and temporary desks during office moves make serviced offices extremely attractive. This allows for easier and far risky real estate decisions.

Service office landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Serviced offices can offer addresses in key locations or impressive buildings across the UK. Majority of providers also offer a network of choices allowing you to have your main office in one location. With the benefit of plug-in from anywhere else in the world and seamlessly continue working without any delay, some providers offer IT teams to effectively implement and manage telecom services, thus allow you to focus more on your business.

Shared Short Term Offices/Co-working

 Shared short term offices run on sharing ideas, resources, skills, and coffee. It’s just a collaborative space where people come in together to work on their separate business, and it’s just makes the overall community better. One of the best things about co-working is that average cost of shared short term office space is less per month. So, instead of putting your conservative budget into rental; you can invest into betterment of your business. Shared short term office lack a little professionalism as there is no set dress code. It’s a quiet space where you can sit down and really focus on your business. Shared office gives startups the endless networking opportunities too.